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    • For all you skeptics — one of which I was — read on! Janet Roper is the real deal, she told me things about my little cat, who is chronically ill, that she could not possibly have known and this has made an enormous impact upon my sense of helplessness in decision making about her care. I experience Janet as a caring, generous person whose sensitivities and abilities have both reassured and inspired me very much indeed. I have no hesitation in recommending her when you need a consult about your loved little one. She is a trustworthy healer.

      – Nicola

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    • Janet is truly amazing. My elder cat, Frankie, was ailing and I thought it might be “his time,” but something told me to ask Janet. She told me flat out it was not his time…this was many months ago, and Frankie is still with us. Our work with Janet gave us great information, and our bond with Frankie, always a bit tenuous, has miraculously improved. It’s as if he gets that we really tried to understand him, and he clearly liked that! Janet is very kind, responsive, and resource-filled, as well!

      – IdaRose S.

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