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Janet supports, strengthens and nurtures the bond between animals and humans, helping to build right relationship and creating a win/win for all

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Your Equine Instructor Shiloh

shiloh-2-rotatedHow can there be an animal communication class without the help of an animal? Meet Shiloh, who will also be assisting and guiding you as you traverse the world of animal communication.

In other words, you will be receiving information straight from the horse’s mouth.

Shiloh is a Professor Emeritus, also an Angel Animal, having crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December, 2015. We were together for 18+ years before he passed on.

When Shiloh was asked what animals think of people beginning to talk with animals, he said:

Yes, it is time that you humans caught up with us animals! Weve been talking and talking and talking and it usually falls on deaf ears. Humans are not better than creatures, just different. We all have our talents, and its time that humans took off their blinders and open up to the world that is outside of their narrow consciousness. Once people get over their intimidation of talking with the animals, they will find that we have a lot to share with them. Their world will become more complete as they include us in it, not just as domesticated or favored pets, or barnyard animals, but as contributing members of the earth family. When youre talking to animals, dont be serious! Have fun make a game of it! You humans work too hard, try too hard. Make it fun! Youll be surprised at what your favorite animal has to tell you. And take it slow be patient with yourself and with us. If you are new to the idea of talking, we wont give you more than you can take in. Not all animals like to talk as much as I do – Im a natural.

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