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Words Have Power

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Recently I was in a small country store that had baby chicks and geese for sale. Of course, they were the main attraction, enticing kids of all ages to come over and check them out, ooooh and aaah over them and lean over their tub.

The babies were in a relatively quiet area of the store, and the staff was very vigilant in watching the babies, giving them plenty of fresh food, water and bedding. The staff also had signs on the tubs, making sure none of the customers handled the babies.

But there were no signs posted for customers to watch their language around the babies.

I observed two adult customers standing over the babies, laughing, absorbed in their own conversation:

Customer #1 “What would you do with these chicks? After all they’re not big enough to eat yet.”

Customer #2 “Maybe they will all become Chick Fil A and then we can eat them!”

Now, once the babies heard ‘Chick Fil A’, they ALL turned as a group, and literally ran to the far end of the tub, as far away from the customers as they could get.

Why was that? The customers were just joking. Probably.

The truth is, words have power in them, and images (which also contain power) are evoked from those words, as are feelings.

Even though the customers thought what they were saying was in jest, the images, feelings and the power behind those words were enough to make those little babies literally run for their lives.

It is time for all people, most especially animal care takers and those wanting to connect on a deeper level with animals, to become consciously aware of the power their words, feelings and the images they project have on other sentient beings.

Our words need to be words of kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness. It is time to eradicate joking and jesting at another’s expense, regardless of species, from our vocabulary. Because after all, behind every joke and jest, an element of truth is hidden.

It is time that we speak to all species with the compassion, sensitivity and honesty with which we want to be addressed. It is time that we eliminate from our languaging, a vocabulary which causes babies of another species to literally turn around and run for their lives.

This begins with respect for all species. We must then have clear communication, which starts with ourselves, not the other person or species. Click here to find ways you can become more conscious of what you are saying.

All species thank you for bringing language awareness to your consciousness.


Janet Roper


  1. Tracie Nicholst June 7, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Well said Janet! You make such an important point in this post. Word are vibration — energy — palpable, and as such have great power. Thank you!!


    • Janet June 7, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

      Thank you Tracie 😉


  2. Caren June 7, 2013 at 8:52 pm #

    SO true, Janet! Humans walk around like we are the only ones who understand language. A person’s body language does the same thing. A lot of humans don’t even understand their *own* body language! But the animals do. And they react to it. Just ask a dog owner who tries to catch his dog when he’s mad at him. Or a horse owner for that matter. The person often doesn’t even know why the animal is avoiding him! Watch animals. They are showing you what you are saying to them. Thanks for helping to make people more aware, Janet.


    • Janet June 7, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

      Caren, paying attention to and understanding body language is sooooo important. You are right on – animals mirror right back to us what we’re doing. So perhaps the question is “what does my animal’s behavior tell me about myself?”. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment!



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