Wisdom From Albatross

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Message from Albatross

“You humans do something called ‘deny’, a very foolish attempt on the part of your species to renounce your connection with nature.”

Alrighty, this is the message Albatross has for us today. Not necessarily a Merry-Sunshine message, but a message that calls us to look deep within ourselves and answer honesty. Not necessarily a comfortable thing to do, to look within ourselves with a clear, loving eye. Not to judge, but to observe what we see, accept what we see and then change what we would like to change about that vision. Not in a judging way, but a loving way.

The thing to remember is you’re not doing this introspection alone, Albatross is right there at your side, flying along with you. Ask Albatross for help; after all, the message above is not a condemnation, but an invitation to come into relationship with Nature, Gaia, all beings.

Is it possible you will find relief in doing this?

Janet Roper

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