When Should You Use An Animal Communicator?

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I received an excellent question the other day – first time ever for this particular question.

“Why would I use an animal communicator instead of going to a vet?”.

I must admit it stumped me for a bit. If you’ve worked with me, if you’ve ever listened to Talk2theAnimalsRadio you’ve heard me say that animal communication does not replace qualified medical care or training.

However, while it doesn’t replace qualified medical care or training, it certainly can and does let you know what’s going on from your animal pal’s perspective when it comes to medical treatment and training.

Reasons to Use An Animal Communicator

To see what others might say about this, I polled some of my friends with this question. Here’s why they would go to an animal communicator:

  • Believing in healing modalities that go beyond the traditional, western, medical model
  • Learning the animal’s point of view about a problem
  • To hear the message a certain animal has for you when s/he  keeps appearing in your life (Has Hummingbird been visiting you a lot lately?)
  • You’ve been to the vet/trainer and they haven’t been able to help (BTW, this is how I became an animal communicator)
  • When you can see your animal pal is down-in-the-dumps and you want to find out what’s going on
  • It’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • To build/clarify/deepen a spiritual relationship with your animal companion. To understand the bigger picture of why that animal is in your life at this time
  • To find out what the animal wants and needs to be happy. Not just physically well, but happy
  • Sometimes animals just want to talk and you need someone to act as translator

 A Practical Note for Animal Communication

Animal communication is becoming more accepted and more valued, and people are learning it’s very handy and helpful to learn about life from your animal pal’s perspective.  Animal communication helps discover possible reasons for behavioral issues as well as help prepare your buddy for any upcoming vet visits or medical procedures.  It helps prepare your buddy for upcoming changes in the house, like kids going back to school or a new baby in the household. After all, they are members of the household and they want to know what’s going on in their house. Innumerable animals have told me how they object to not knowing in advance what will be happening, particularly when it affects them directly.

Before you add a new animal to the household, check with your animal family and see what they think about this. They will let you know if they even want a new animal family member, and if so, what will help them accept the new family member. Animal communication helps when you are grieving the loss of a pet and when you want to check in with your angel animals (those who have passed over) to see how they are doing and if they have any messages for you.

In a nutshell, animal communication alerts your animal pal as to what’s going on, what you’re experiencing from your point of view and lets you know what they are experiencing from their point of view.

Isn’t it nice when all the family members are on the same page? Get started now and book your 30 minute animal communication session and find out what your animal pal wants you to know!

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