Book Discovery: 101 Dog Tricks

black lab closeup face

This is me. Do you know me? My name is IamMaxRoper, but you can call me Max. As you can see I’m a VERY handsome and VERY smart dog. *tail thump* I am also a VERY gnarly dude.

I live with mama and my 2 cats.

mama bought something for me the other day! I was VERY excited, until I learned it was a book, not a treat. No *tail thump* for mama.

But then mama explained that I will be getting all kinds of treats, because I will be learning tricks! *running the Max 5*

So I will be doing TRICKS AND TREATS! *ROTFB*

mama said she learned about this book from a dog trainer, so it must be good. mama says the name of the book is 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge and Bond With Your Dog by Kyra Sundance.

I told mama the book made no mention of treats and mama said that as I learn and practice the tricks I will get my FAVORITE treats – hotdog bits! *running the Max 5*

So I will be learning new tricks, like fetching mama’s house shoes, being a mail carrier and maybe even dancing with mama! *tail thump* mama said I don’t need to learn to speak because I am already VERY good at that. *tail thump*

mama will be talking about this book in the upcoming episode of mama’s show Talk2theAnimalsRadio. I will be listening because I am VERY sure they  will be talking about how smart I am to learn these new tricks!

*Tail Thump*



  1. Mel Scholl January 8, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    Max- QQ and are are so proud of you. Writing a blog post and learning new tricks. You have come a long way sir! Keep up the good work and we will look forward to hearing all about your progress.


    • Janet January 9, 2013 at 8:57 am #

      Good morning Mel & QQ, Max is snoozing, so I’m replying for him. He has indeed come a long way and he is very proud of himself. There are lots of *tail thumps* happening. 😉 Thx for stopping by!


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