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Warning Signs of Pseudo-Intuitives

We have talked about the importance of trusting your gut when searching for an animal communicator or any other type of intuitive. Unfortunately, there are people who are con-artists and scammers, looking to pull the wool over your eyes and take your money. These con-artists can build your hopes, creating a false sense of security, yet leaving you with nothing. Sadly, not all people come from a place of integrity.

Be aware and beware if you experience any of the following:

  • Anyone who promises to solve all your problems
  • Does not provide referrals or references
  • Only strokes your ego
  • Demands and expects automatic acceptance and compliance with all they say
  • Does not do their own ‘inner’ work – signs of this are chaotic or unhealthy lifestyles
  • Anyone who claims to have all the answers
  • Expects you to become a groupie
  • Tells you what you must do or dire outcomes will occur
  • Expects continuing streams of income from you
  • Speaks only vaguely or in grandiose terminology

If you are going through a particularly painful period or are excessively stressed, I invite you to consider waiting before connecting with an untried communicator or psychic. When we experience these periods, it is only natural we want to connect with someone who can help us. However, it is at this particular time that we are the most vulnerable physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. Scam artists immediately spot that and are only too happy to use your circumstances to their advantages and manipulate you.

Other conditions making you ripe for manipulation: fear, shying away from what you know is your own responsibilities, looking for someone to tell you what to do, blindly accepting whatever is said directly or that is indirectly implied, negative emotions, insecurities and looking for quick and easy answers.

Use discrimination – trust your gut. If I am test-driving a new intuitive, especially someone I’ve not heard of, or is not personally recommended, I listen to my body. If I experience a body sensation that was not there before I came in contact with that person, I become more focused and delve into what’s really happening. For me, those body sensations include headaches, constricted breathing and nausea – similar to if I’ve eaten contaminated food.

To empower yourself and learn more about your intuition and psychic abilities, consider taking classes with a reputable teacher who is experienced with both intuition and teaching it. Echo Bodine is an amazing intuitive, teacher and author ~ a possible starting point for your journey.

Your intuition guides you and has your best interest at heart. As you learn to rely more and more on it, it will become more developed and you’ll establish a trusting bond with it. Keep me posted on your stories!


Janet Roper

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