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Tips for Communicating with Animals

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Recently I was having lunch with a friend and we were talking about a favorite subject: animals. My friend mentioned a cat she once had who would sit on the floor staring intently and directly at her. She always felt the cat could understand what she was saying, and that the cat had words of wisdom to tell her. “If only she could talk,” my friend lamented.

Animals do talk, and they are very happy that we are beginning to not only listen, but to talk to them!

How many times have you thought that your pet was trying to telling you something, and then dismissed that thought because of the preconceived notion that animals can’t/don’t talk?

For those of you who are interested in communicating with your pet, here’s some basic steps you can take to participate in the already open lines of communication. At the beginning, you may find it easier to have your cat with you.

Go to a place where you will be undisturbed and where you feel safe to release anything that will stand between you and communicating with your animal. I find an easy way to release any ‘baggage’ is to imagine a box where I dump any distractions, worries, etc. Once I’ve finished, I am free to pick up those worries again – should I want!

Ask permission to speak with your companion. If you receive a hunch this is not a good time to talk, honor that and try again later.

When you get the ‘go ahead’, begin conversing. Treat her with respect and honor during the conversation, just as you like to be treated when you’re conversing with a friend.

TRUST, TRUST, TRUST what you receive! Trust that what you receive is correct, and the information is what the animal needs to say and what needs to be heard at this time. If you find yourself doubting what you receive, ask this: Out of all the millions and billions of thoughts, why did that particular thought come to me at this particular time?

At the end of the conversation, thank your companion for conversing with you.

Information can come through in various ways: thoughts, pictures, sounds, feelings, emotions, etc. You may receive information in more than one way. As you become more experienced, you may find you have a primary way to receive information.

Next time you have the feeling your beloved companion is talking to you, I invite you to accept that feeling as actuality and respond to her conversation. You’ll be surprised at how this can deepen and strengthen your relationship with your pet!


Janet Roper

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