The Week of July 15, 2013 on Talk2theAnimalsRadio

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Up to 50% of domestic violence victims delay escaping the abuse and seeking safe shelter because of the concern they have for their pet who would be left behind in the abusive situation. On Tuesday, July 16 Friends of Animals Utah Executive Director Lisa Allison joins this episode to discuss their ground breaking program The Purple Paw Project. This program is committed to assuring victims of domestic violence in Northern Utah are able to escape abusive households and bring their pet(s) along with them to safe sanctuary. Pastor Bonnie Poirier of Peaceful Planet Pets joins us later in the show discussing pet loss and grief, which is a subject most parents do not discuss with their kids until after the fact Then, the parents are in the midst of their own grief and find it horribly difficult, at best, to discuss this topic with their children.

On our Encore Performance on Thursday, July 18 at 1PM CENTRAL you’ll hear from author, healer and animal communicator Margrit Coates. Margrit is a Registered Spiritual Healer with the Healing Trust, and Senior Practitioner Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, as well as the author of six books about animal healing and communication. Margrit’s latest book is ‘ Communicating with Animals: How to Tune Into Them Intuitively ‘.

As always, on these shows you’ll hear from our animal guest and hear tips and ideas on how you can connect with animals!

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