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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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The Process of Animal Communication

The Process of Animal Communication

Sample Animal Communications

5 year old male dog, German Shepherd x unknown

Dog: I’m nervous – I don’t know what’s going on – I have to keep watch, but I don’t know what I’m watching for.
JR: It’s OK to relax. You’re safe here (he lies down). Why are you panting so much?
Dog: I can’t relax – something might happen if I don’t guard.
JR: Do you think that’s your job? To guard the people and the place?
Dog: I don’t know what my job is – that’s why I’m nervous.
JR: It’s the job of the people here to not only watch the place, but to watch over and take care of all the animals (he signs and puts his head down – not panting so hard) and to make sure you’re all safe and well taken care of.
Dog: So I don’t have to guard?
JR: No, it’s not your responsibility to guard this place, the people or animals (he stretches out on his side). How are you feeling?
Dog: Relieved.


1 year old male Golden Retriever, talking about life and his human companion:

Oh yes – I am leisurely enjoying my day. I leisurely enjoy my life. I always have plenty of time to talk and make new friends and play. Those are important parts of life. We must all guard about being too serious. I make my human companion laugh. She thinks I’m a clown. And I am! I love to make people laugh! My middle name should be Joyful!


A 7 year old stallion commenting on his life.

Stallion: I’m very big and powerful.
JR: Yes, you are. Are you in the mood for company now?
Stallion: Yes – I’m kind of bored now. I need something to do or someone to talk to. I can talk to you.
JR: I’d like that. Your rider wants me to ask you some questions.
Stallion: I know that.
JR: What do you like best about your life right now?
Stallion: I like the openness of the land.
JR: What else?
Stallion: I like being in my round pen and watching what goes on. There’s a lot of activity to observe.
JR: What activity to you like to watch?
Stallion: The horses coming and going. Their riders take them out and let them exercise. Some horses like it and some don’t.
JR: How can you tell that?
Stallion: By the way the come back – those who like it are energized and those who don’t are tired.
JR: That’s an astute observation.
Stallion: I know.
JR: What don’t you like about your life right now?
Stallion: I’m confined a lot. My stall is really too small for me – I don’t have room to stretch properly. My round pen is bigger, but it’s still not big enough for me. I like to have plenty of room and feel the open spaces. There’s a lot of freedom in that.


Tortoise shell female cat, about 2 years old. Even animals need to be left alone at times!

JR: Do you feel like talking now?
Cat: No, I’m tired.
JR: OK to check back later?
Cat: No, leave me alone, I’m tired.


3 year old male black lab, blind

I’m happy and content, just waiting. I help the people here by calming them down. I’m a very calming influence.

People could learn patience and gratitude from me if they care to. Don’t worry about me because I’m blind, my other senses are finely honed to cover what I can’t see physically. And I trust that people will take care of me. That’s something else people can learn from me – trust!


Life lessons from Prinz, a small fly.

JR: Little Fly, thank you for catching my attention. Do you have anything to say about how humans listen to flies?
Fly: Yes, I do. That’s why I grabbed your attention. People don’t listen to us flies, because they usually don’t notice us, or if they notice us, it is just to kill us, because they think we are dirty, or an annoyance.
JR: That doesn’t promote good conversation, does it? If someone had the intent to kill you, would you be willing to have a conversation?
Fly: It is time for you humans to listen to what we creatures have to say. We have much to teach you.
But first, in order to listen, you must come with a cheerful attitude, an attitude that is composed of respect and reverence for Life.
It is only when you change your attitude from superiority to rest – respect – that you will be able to listen to what we truly have to say.
And listening is so much more than just sitting and being quiet – you need to hear what we have to say.
That again, comes back to respect. In order to hear what is being said, truly hear, you humans need to be present to us and to respect the Life Form that we are and the part we place in the Circle of Life. For the Circle of Life would not be complete if we were not present and doing our part to balance Life.
Even now, even though you are trying, you are not truly listening to me. What do you have to do that is so much more important than listening and learning from a fellow creature?
You are distracted by all the artificial noise you humans have created – sounds of cars, motorcycles, the ringing of phones. Do they take more precedence over a conversation with a living creature?
When I land on you, don’t I have your full attention? I must have your attention since you want to kill me!
Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all truly listened to each other and respected not only the other Life Forms, but the wisdom of each and every one of those Life Forms?
For it is each one of us Life Forms that goes into making the Energy Force of Life. One is not superior to the other, simply different. And it is in that difference where the beauty of the Circle of Life is truly illuminated and can enlighten others in the Circle of Life.
Bring respect, the respect that you want all to show you, bring that respect to each creature with whom you come in contact, and you will be surprised at how the Circle of Life begins to grow and strengthen with a new heart beat, and a heart beat that is rooted in respect for all creatures.
JR: Thank you, Fly. thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.
Fly: You are welcome. I appreciate your willingness to tackle this subject and spread our ideas and thoughts and wisdom. It is a job that needs to be done, it is time for it to be done. I will come back to check on you from time to time to see how it’s going.
You can call me Prinz.

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