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The Great Mother Bible: Walking in Beauty

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Mother: My daughter, we have been talking about numerous topics here. About energy and how everything has consciousness, stones, trees and more. About how much love Creation and I, as Earth Mother, have for you. How the very essence of your atoms is sacred love dancing…

I would like to bring up other ways of being that will bring out greater wisdom and balance in your lives. These are included in my Precepts listed with my Thirteen Love Directives. Some of my native peoples of North America talk of Walking in Beauty. This is a way of being in which your every step can be a prayer and an honoring of the Creation and myself, your Mother. You are all beings of light and you have the capacity to learn how to walk in a way that brings forth your beautiful light.

Listen With an Open Heart

To be in good relationship with another is to be a good listener. If you can still your mind to listen deeply to the sacred truth of another, then you will be able to honor their truth. If both of you can listen from a deep well of stillness within, you may well find your sacred truths evolving and you might meet each other in the same place. Even if you might not meet in the same place, you have learned to hear each other’s truth deeply.

Listening deeply comes from putting your own opinions aside, as hard as that might be since those can be your unbalanced ego at work—to be present from an open heart. It also means observing the other person and looking not only for what they are saying directly but also expressing in their body language. So much is shared in the eyes, arms, expressions, and more.

Learn to still yourself: work to empty yourself of preconceived notions of that person and you may discover you can see their inner beauty so much more clearly.

(The above is an excerpt from The Great Mother Bible [Pamoon Press, Coming out Oct, 2014], Walking in Beauty Series by Mare Cromwell)

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