Teddy Supports the People of Puerto Rico

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Support the people of Puerto Rico in memory of my angel dog Teddy.

October 2, 2017, this coming Monday, is the eight year anniversary of the transition of my dog Teddy. Many of you may remember him, he’s the cutie that charmed everyone with his good looks, polite manners and rakish ways. Teddy could always be counted on to help and support others to feel more comfortable; in our household he was the one in charge of hospitality. His penchant for caring for others spilled over to the people in his life. While he was not a therapy dog, being in his presence was therapeutic.

Not much has changed since he became an angel dog. He still reaches out to help others in any way he can.

The people of Puerto Rico desperately need our help. After a week of unimaginable  misery, millions of Puerto Ricans are still suffering in primitive conditions without power, water, food or enough fuel.

Can you imagine? I can’t, neither can Teddy. And according to Teddy “it shouldn’t be like that”. Teddy wants to help.

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In honor of Teddy’s passing, I have created a GoFundMe page to help the people in Puerto Rico. The goal is $2500USD and the money raised will go to the Hispanic Federation for disaster relief. 

CitizenAudit.org lists Hispanic Federation as a 501(c)(03) charitable organization and Charity Navigator scores it 95.47 out of a possible 100 points.

Because this campaign is through GoFundMe, 7.9% + .30 of each donation goes to GoFundMe.

Would you like to stand with Teddy and help the people of Puerto Rico? If you are inclined to make a donation, you can do so here. If you are unable to contribute financially, would you spread the word? That’s a magnificent way to help!

It is true that All Creatures Do Better When All Creatures Do Better, and it is time to help the people of Puerto Rico recover and restart their lives. Teddy and I both thank you for your help!

Here’s To New Beginnings

Janet & Teddy

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