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Tag Archives: Grieving the Death of a Pet

A Year With Grief

Pet Grief Horse Shiloh

Tomorrow, December 16, marks the one year anniversary of the death and transition of my beloved horse Shiloh. I have been dreading it enormously, but what can I do? Anniversaries, both of the happy and tragic variety, come and go. Shiloh was my soul partner, the love of my life. When he passed, he was […]

Mourning Mitzie

short haired gray tabby cat with white chest and nose

As many of you are aware, my cat Mitzie transitioned the other day, after 22 years (or so) of feisty, sassy, giving-the-stink-eye-life on Earth. She is missed greatly. Who would have thought that 5 pounds of vim and vinegar could leave behind such a gigantic, empty hole? It is bittersweet when I physically see the […]

A Memorial to Mitzie

short haired gray tabby cat with white chest and nose

On September 3, 2013 at approximately 10:15 AM, sweet Mitzie transitioned as I was holding her. This took place at her vet’s office, Belle Plaine Animal Hospital, with  Dr. Ricci Kelso administering the final shot. Max, Billy and Raven stayed at home, perfectly aware of what was happening. Her angelic family members, Scheisters, Teddy and Emmie […]