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When Does The Worry Stop?

Tricolor Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Looking Out a Window

I ‘fess up – I’m a dog-mom of the worrying kind. Thinking of Max is never too far from my busy mind, and usually he’s right in the center of my mind. Especially since he’s getting older (aren’t we all) and when we moved across country we left our beloved Belle Plaine Animal Hospital behind. […]

Dogs: Your Soul Guru

dog eyes blue closeup face

Those of us who share our lives with dogs are very conscious of the way they show their loyalty and unconditional love. It’s in their actions, in the joy they bring us, and it can definitely be seen in those beautiful, adoring eyes that gaze at us. They often manage to connect beyond the everyday […]

Educating Yourself: Pet Vaccines

schedule appointment calendar

This is the time of year when postcards from veterinary clinics arrive at pet owners’ homes across America. “Fluffy is due for…” followed by a list of vaccines, diagnostic tests, and even some products, like heartworm preventives and topical insecticides. You may be wondering, does Fluffy really need all those shots? What would happen if […]

The Cosmic Whys

young black lab dog on floor wearing choke chain

“Why?“. That’s how I operate, I need to know the ‘why’ of things. I came out of the womb asking “why?” and I’ve perfected that question ever since. Usually my whys can be loosely translated into “why didn’t I think to bring the grocery list with me”, or “why didn’t I follow the directions they […]