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Mommy Bird

Baby Starlings with open mouths

When I was a kid, and my mom had to get me up for school, she would come quietly into my room, and say, “It’s that time again”. Though I loved school, actually getting out of bed in the morning was not the most welcome part of my day. After all, when one is warm […]

Message from Oriole

Baltimore Oriole Message from Oriole |Talk2theAnimals.net

“Good Morning Sunshine! “Be bright, be cheery. Look for the sunshine in your life, because it’s there! If you’re not seeing the sunshine in your life, don’t worry, it’s there! Just waiting to be seen by you. Just waiting to be enjoyed by you, just waiting to be relished by you! “The sunshine is the […]

Wisdom from Blue Jay


Hear that calling: ‘jaay-jaay’? That’s because Blue Jay is calling for your attention.  Blue Jay is related to Crow, so he’s not shy when he wants you to pay attention to him. Blue Jay connects the Sky, represented by his blue color, the Heavens, represented by the white, and Earth, represented by the black on […]