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Tag Archives: Animal Wisdom

Dogs: Your Soul Guru

dog eyes blue closeup face

Those of us who share our lives with dogs are very conscious of the way they show their loyalty and unconditional love. It’s in their actions, in the joy they bring us, and it can definitely be seen in those beautiful, adoring eyes that gaze at us. They often manage to connect beyond the everyday […]

Giving Thanks

brown oak leaves closeup

It is good to have one special day set aside to remember to give thanks for all that is in our life,  and as author Billie Hinton say so eloquently below in the post, to be aware of how wonderful things are just as they are. What wonderful things are you thankful for in your life? […]

A Crow’s Tale

crow on tree branch against a blue sky

Billie has a couple of books that will be FREE on Amazon October 30th-November 3rd. Check out her author page at Amazon and pick up one or both while they’re free! A few weeks ago I was riding Keil Bay, thinking about the change in seasons. The shift from summer to fall is my favorite time of year. It […]

Snake As Ally

Eastern Milk Snake coiled in Grass

I’ve always been puzzled by the fear of snakes. Only a few of them are poisonous. Most of them fear us. They only attack if they feel threatened, just like most of us! Long ago, they were revered as symbols or sources of ancient wisdom, as at Delphi in ancient Greece. In my experience, they […]