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The past month or two has been pretty rough for several friends of mine.  Things, good and bad, come in bunches and many lost their beloved fur kids to cancer, tragic accidents, and plain old age.  The time we are graciously allowed with loved ones is never enough, no matter the length. Somehow the pain […]

The Choices We Make

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With all the good organizations to be found, why do people gravitate towards animal related groups?  As a volunteer you may find yourself walking dogs on cold days, cleaning kennels, washing food bowls – certainly there are other tasks, far more agreeable to be found at almost any nonprofit. So what’s the allure of a […]

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The holidays are just around the corner – findings show the stress of the holidays cause domestic violence to escalate. Can pets help end the cycle of domestic violence? On 11/12/13, Lisa Allison, Executive Director of Friends of Animals Utah, joins us to discuss The Purple Paw Project. This innovative program is committed to assuring victims of domestic violence […]