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So, Who Asked the Animals, Anyway?

dog face closeup through wire black and white

In the past I’ve done volunteer work with different humane societies and rescues, communicating with the animals and passing their needs and requests on to the human powers-that-be. I wasn’t surprised by what the animals requested, but often the administration, staff and volunteers were thunderstruck by the animals’ requests and wisdom. One case in particular […]

The Cosmic Whys

young black lab dog on floor wearing choke chain

“Why?“. That’s how I operate, I need to know the ‘why’ of things. I came out of the womb asking “why?” and I’ve perfected that question ever since. Usually my whys can be loosely translated into “why didn’t I think to bring the grocery list with me”, or “why didn’t I follow the directions they […]

Let’s Talk!

two jumping dolphins sea

Tulu says: Happy Happy Happy Day!  I invite you to read this message with a smile on your face even if you don’t feel like it! I promise you, you are going to feel like smiling when you are done! I must say I am truly over the waves, surf and moon thrilled to be […]

Opening Your Heart

2 tabby cats gray:white & orange

How do you choose to show love?  Are you open to accepting love in many forms? There’s this book that’s been floating around for a few years called The Five Love Languages.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about the 5 different ways that people show love, which include words of affirmation, acts of […]