Summertime Safety for Your Pet

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Well, finally! Summer has arrived here at Talk2theAnimals World Headquarters. It’s hot, getting humid.

I needed to run to the grocery store yesterday and decided to leave IamMaxRoper at home as it was simply too hot for him to be in the car, even for the short time I would be in the grocery store. Unfortunately, someone had decided to bring their dog along and even though the front windows of the car were open, the dog was clearly hot and panting.

We must keep our pets’ safety in the forefront of our mind this summer. Below is an instructive infographic on keeping your animal pals safe in the summer heat. Please keep this in mind as you and your animal pal are enjoying the dog days of summer.

Thank you ShebasLifeStory for sharing this infographic and giving permission to post here!


Janet Roper

summertime safety for your pet

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