Summer Sale on 1:1 Animal Communication Services

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WHAT: July Summer Sale
ENDS: July 31, 2017
WHERE: 1:1 Animal Communication Services
CODE:  717ss at checkout

How many times have you experienced your animal pal looking at you with ‘that look’ – the one that you know means they’re trying to tell you something, and you’re just not getting it. You want to get it, but it’s just not happening, for whatever reason.

At other times the tables are reversed -we don’t often think of it like that, but it’s true. Sometimes when we think we are communicating to our animal pals perfectly clearly, we receive ‘that look’ – our message is as clear as mud to them. They’re paying attention, trying to comprehend what we’re saying, but it’s just not happening.

The thing about communication is that it’s a two way street. Each party needs to relate their message in a clear, coherent way so the meaning and substance of the message transcends species boundaries. When the message gets garbled, it can be overwhelming and frustrating for all parties – regardless of species.

If you’ve experienced this and are ready to have the lines of communication opened and cleared, now’s the time to act!

july summer saleBetween now and the end of July there is a Summer Sale on my 1:1 services. That includes mini sessions, regular sessions, pet grief sessions and coaching/mentoring sessions. All you need to do is schedule your session, and then use code 717ss at checkout for your 15% savings. 

There is no limit to the sessions you purchase, so you can purchase now and schedule at your convenience. The coupon is for 1:1 services only, and is not good for classes, workshops, products or gift certificates.

Both you and your animal pal(s) will have a clearer perspective on what the other wants, bringing relief and satisfaction to all and creating a win/win situation for all.

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Here’s To New Beginnings,


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