Animal Communication Package


Many times in animal communication we are working with behaviors that may be the result of the animal’s past experiences and/or conditioning. Just like with humans, these behaviors need time, consistency and understanding to change.  The in depth “Solutions through Animal Communication” program is a package of (3) one hour sessions that is designed to help resolve the situation, bringing relief your home and making it a win/win for the animal and their human(s). This package involves an intake session, the communication, creating a plan of action based on the communication and followup. Email guidance and support is available between the 3 scheduled sessions.

Before scheduling your first session, please read and accept the disclaimer (below).


Animal Communication Disclaimer

The art of animal communication and the information received during sessions does not replace medical diagnosis, treatment or training for your companion. I am neither a medical practitioner nor a vet, and I do not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe medical conditions. Contact your animal’s medical care-giver for all health concerns and a qualified trainer for training concerns.

By purchasing a session I am indicating I have read and accept the disclaimer.