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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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60 Minute Animal Communication Session


For new clients and return clients who want an in-depth communication.

A 60-minute individual animal communication session, during which you can connect with one or more of your alive or deceased animals, as time permits. For the session, I will need to know your animal pal’s name, age, breed, and species, and to see a picture of your pal. After you have made your purchase, be sure to download the instruction document provided, which will include all the preparation steps for your session.

What To Expect:

  1. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to purchase your session
  2. Once you have purchased your session, you will receive a document download link with further instructions, including how to send a picture of the animal(s) we will be talking about.

Before purchasing a session, please read the disclaimer (below).


Animal Communication Disclaimer

The art of animal communication and the information received during sessions does not replace medical diagnosis, treatment, or training for your companion. I am neither a medical practitioner nor a vet, and I do not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat, nor prescribe medical conditions. Contact your animal’s medical caregiver for all health concerns and a qualified trainer for training concerns.

By purchasing a session I am indicating I have read and accept the disclaimer.

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