Shamanic Services

Below is a listing of the shamanic services I offer. While this page is being built, feel free to set up a free discovery call to find out more about these offerings and how they can help you.


  • Divination Card Reading – For humans, using a card deck, interpretation of the cards and guidance – 1 hour. Get started here.
  • Working With An Animal Ally – 1 hour. Get started here.
  • Giving Back: Helping Animals Cross Over – As part of the “rent” I pay as a helpful, contributing member on earth, I have created Animal Psychopomp Hours where I will be helping animals who have died alone and who may be stuck here in our physical world cross over. I’ll hold these hours on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM MOUNTAIN. You can find specific dates on my Events Page. This service begins May 7. 1 hour – sign up to receive information about this ceremony.
  • Podcast – Everyday Animism is a podcast hosted by Kelley Harrell, Brandice Schnabel and myself with the intention of exploring all things animism, particularly animism in everyday life.


  • Monthly Angel Animal Ceremony – Each Circle will start with a ceremony for the animals followed by a time of reflection around a certain topic about grief (i.e. loneliness, regret, relief, coping) and end with sharing – approximately 75 minutes
  • Soul Retrieval – For humans, includes shamanic healing, integration & guidance – 2 hours minimum
  • Individual Psychopomp Animal Sessions – for animals and their humans, includes ritualistic passage with the animal over the Rainbow Bridge, guidance and grief support for those left behind – 2 hours
  • Monthly free conference call – What Is Shamanism – 90 minutes – sign up to receive information about this call

To find out about Janet’s animal communication services, click here.