Self Care When Communicating With Animals

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When I was a kid growing up, I couldn’t wait to be an adult and leave kiddom behind. In part because I thought as an adult I’d be able to live an autocratic lifestyle and in part because I wanted to leave distressing childhood experiences and memories behind in kiddom, removing myself from them and their consequences.

Little did I realize those experiences and memories would follow me along into my (nonautocratic) adulthood like ghosts, haunting me and determining who I grew up to be. I did not know at the time that I would need to consciously decide enough was enough and begin the proverbial clearing.

Nor did I realize the amount of work, courage, strength, determination and plain bull-headedness that would be involved in addressing those childhood memories so that I would be able to develop into the adult soul I needed to be in order to communicate respectively and effectively with the animals.

If only it had been as easy as looking at a memory and releasing it to the ether!

The Animals Don’t Ask Us To Make Such Sacrifices

If you grew up in a household where hard work, sacrifice and doing for others was not only expected but highly praised, you probably find yourself thinking you must do the same thing when you are connecting with the animals.

That’s not the case. Carrying that adage too far and sacrificing ourselves, leaving behind valuable safe care practices *for the sake of the animals* becomes counterproductive and even detrimental. It’s not good for us and it’s certainly not good for the animals and the relationship we forge with them. We can find ourselves physically and mentally fatigued, leading to emotions such as overwhelm and anger. The animals don’t ask that of us, why do we put that upon ourselves?

Join The Workshop

On August 30 at 11AM MOUNTAIN, (check your time zone here) I’m presenting an online workshop “Self Care When Communicating With Animals”.

The workshop will cover the importance of setting healthy boundaries and practicing self care when connecting with the animals. I’ll also share some self care practices that have worked well for me throughout the years.

This workshop is a highly interactive experience, a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A, participant chat, and making connections with like-minded folks throughout the call. You will leave the workshop having a better understanding of why self care is essential and not a luxury for ‘when I have the time’ as well as some practices you can use yourself.

If you know someone who will benefit from this workshop, please share. Many thanks!

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Here’s To New Beginnings,



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