Self Care While Caring For Animals

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I was talking with a (human) client the other day, one who has been a client for years. She is on her own journey in the world of animal communication, having started out as a skeptic and now  learning to connect with her own animals and communicate with them.

As she said, it’s been quite the learning curve for her.

At the beginning of the conversation, she was excited and delighted, even impressed with the progress she’s made. She shared examples of how animal communication has helped her understand her animal family (a couple of chihuahuas) better, and how it is now easier to see things from their perspective.

And then there was…….the pause……

Finally she admitted there were times when she felt exhausted, and she had to push herself to connect with the dogs. She confessed it was those times that the dogs were unwilling to join in conversation with her. “It’s when I most need and want to communicate with my dogs, that I can’t. It’s like running into a brick wall that frankly, I don’t have the energy to circumvent”.

The Importance Of Self-Care

I acknowledged her feelings and asked how she was taking care of herself. Her response, which is typical of so many of us, was she was so busy caring for everyone else, she didn’t have the time to take care of herself.

Have you been in that position? I know I have, and at times it’s seemed irreversible. The times when I most need to take care of myself are usually the times I deny myself that care.

From hard experience and from listening to the animals, I have learned that it’s imperative I take care of myself first and foremost. As a very wise cat once told me “If humans don’t take care of themselves, how can we animals trust them to take care of us?”.

Self-care is not indulgent, it’s not selfish. Without appropriate self-care we are unable to be in authentic, right relationship with other sentient beings.

If you find you are struggling with taking good care of yourself and that it is standing between you and connecting with the animals, I encourage you to attend my workshop “Self Care When Communicating With Animals“. The workshop covers:

  • What our responsibility is to ourselves
  • Boundaries and the importance of setting and observing them
  • How the animals weigh in on this topic
  • Ideas for your own self-care

The workshop is Wednesday, August 30 at 11:00 MOUNTAIN and is $35USD. Check your time zone here. Registrants have lifetime access to the video.

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