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Caught In That Revolving Door: Pushing Forward or Self-Care?

revolving door woman

I have to ask….is anyone else exhausted? Does anyone else feel like they are caught in a revolving door? I keep wishing/thinking/hoping it’s only because of Solstice, but I can’t continue to deny that the shamanic psychopomp work I’m doing with helping abused, forgotten and non-domesticated animals cross over, watching families being ripped apart with children kept in cages and witnessing Max as he is going through his aging process are all taking their toll on me.

If it were only helping the animals cross over, or watching childrent being treated as animals or watching Max age so quickly, what I’m feeling might be manageable, but all three together?


So I’m consciously and deliberately investing in my own self care. I’m cooking more and therefore eating better, I’ve had a couple of much needed massages which has enabled me to walk for longer periods of time without grueling pain and I’ve initiated a stretching program that will develop into a yoga program.

There’s a part of me that’s afraid I’m going down the rabbit hole of white privilege when I take care of myself like that. BUT what I’m actually doing is strenghening myself so I am able to contend in a stronger and more effective way with the psychopomp and the activist work I do, as well as holding vigil and overseeing Max’s aging process.

And you know what? If I have white privilege – and I do – doesn’t it make a whole heckuva lot of sense for me to strengthen myself so I can purposefully use it to help ease the difficulties of those who are unable to speak for themselves?

From my perspective, indeed it does.

This is a learning experience for me – learning how to speak out and help others while at the same time taking fastidious care of myself so I am not debilitated in the process. 

How about you? Do you find yourself in this same position? How do you manage it? This is not a rhetorical question, I’d truly like to develop a conversation around this. Please leave your comment.

By the way, if you’d like to sign up to receive information about the crossing over ceremony I do for the animal souls who get stuck here in our physical world and need help moving on, you can sign up here. When we think of animals who are abandoned, abused and left to die alone, who are mercilessly killed or are road kill, we begin to see why this practice is so sorely needed in our world. Because of the intimacy and delicacy of this work, I don’t share it with the world at large, only those who sign up to hear about it.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


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