Giving Back: Helping Animals Cross Over

silver horse psychopomp stones

When we hear about helping someone cross over, usually it’s a human soul that’s being helped, but this act of mercy is needed just as much for animals. Animal souls can get stuck here in our physical world and need help moving on. When we think of animals who are abandoned, abused and left to die alone, who are mercilessly killed or are road kill, we begin to see why this practice is so sorely needed in our world.

My way of addressing this need is with a practice called psychopomp. Psychopomp literally means “parade of souls,” and is a shamanic practice where the shaman accompanies the soul of the deceased back to their original source of being.

As part of the “rent” I pay as a helpful, contributing member on earth, I have created Animal Psychopomp Hours where I will be helping animals who are stuck here in our physical world cross over. I’ll hold these hours on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM MOUNTAIN. You can find specific dates on my Events Page.

How You Can Help

If this act of kindness appeals to you, here are some ways you can offer your support during those times. Check your time here.

  • Light a candle for the animals
  • Offer a prayer from your own religious or spiritual practice for the animals
  • Hold a peaceful space for the animals to come forward who are ready to pass over

Animal Psychopomp Services

My Animal Psychopomp Hours are only for animals who have died alone. However, animal psychopomp is also valuable for your own animal pals. This is especially helpful when you are making end of life decisions for an animal in your life. If you would like to find out what is involved in doing a psychopomp ceremony for your beloved animal family member, set up a discovery call and let’s talk.

Here’s to New Beginnings,