Do You Have to be Psychic to Communicate with Animals?

Psychic with a crystal ball

Recently there has been a flood of new clients and every single one of them has asked me a variation on this question: ‘What should I expect when we’re talking to you?’.

Sometimes I think the clients are unconsciously disappointed when I say ‘We are going to be having a conversation like any other conversation, the only difference is your pet will be joining us’.

Sometimes I think the clients would feel more comfortable if I were to say ‘We’re going to meet at the stroke of midnight in your local graveyard.  You won’t miss me because I’ll be the one carrying the crystal ball, with the disembodied spirits following me.’

Believe me, the only thing I have in common with this picture is I have brown eyes also. I don’t believe that animal communication is paranormal or anything out of the ordinary. I don’t believe you have to be psychic or have any special talents to communicate with animals. I am pretty sure friends are tired of hearing me go off on a tangent when someone suggests I should refer to myself as a ‘pet psychic’.

That’s because my experience and my basic belief is EVERYBODY can connect with the animals if they so desire.  We are all sentient beings who have the ability to connect with each other. To my way of thinking, to say we can’t connect with another sentient creature is as fictitious as saying I can’t connect with someone who has blue eyes because I have brown eyes.  (The desire to communicate with animals is a different component from the ability to do so. Here I’m speaking of innate ability.)

Many people are floored when I approach animal communication in such mundane terms and ways.  Animal communication is a tool that is available to all of us to connect with our animal companions in a deeper, more organic way.  If this is a tool you choose not to use yet want to experience this way of deepening your relationship with your animal companion, connect with an animal communicator.

Should we meet in the future for an animal communication session, I may be missed because I’ll be the one wearing normal, everyday clothes, talking on my iPhone and carrying a cup of Caribou coffee.


Janet Roper


  1. Anita June 4, 2016 at 6:40 pm #

    Janet, thanks for this post. I am glad because I know others out there actually believe it and will pay a lot of money to talk with a pet psychic. I do believe when something is too close to home, we need a unbiased person to help us out. I love knowing what that with practice I can be my own Dr. Doolittle!


    • Janet Roper June 4, 2016 at 7:19 pm #

      You are very welcome, Anita. Yes, there are certainly times when it is advantageous to hire a communicator; I do that myself from time to time. It’s all about what works best for the animal.


      Janet Roper


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