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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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Janet Roper helped me and my two fur babies out during a transitional time in our lives and I couldn’t have imagined going through that period without her assistance.  During a divorce I wanted to make sure the voices of our fur babies were heard and that they knew what was going on.  Janet was very kind and tactful throughout what was obviously a very new and difficult transition for all of us.  She gave me huge peace of mind during the transition.  She gently but very clearly explained how each fur kid was feeling and how their individual personalities would best be served during the changes unfolding in our lives.  She made all us so at ease and it was comforting to not only me but to the fur kids as well.  Her follow-up was excellent and I always felt like I had her to lean on or ask for advice if needed.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their fur kids and/or open up the lines of communications. 

Wanted to let you know that I am fully focused on breathing when with Lily. She seems to like it, but the biggest difference is with Mia! She does not let us touch her for more than a minute and I have been able to groom her and even work a significant knot out of her mane at liberty! I found an equine chiropractor to work on Liky too. More to come. Thank you! Connie

I’ve had an animal reading with my little girl in the past with another animal communicator but it was no comparison to the reading I had with Janet! Janet was spot on with understanding what my dog was feeling and thinking. I am so grateful for the wonderful information Janet provided and the advice she gave regarding some of the issues my little girl was experiencing. I’m glad I had the opportunity to book a session with her. 


AH Janet this #epicfail series in your emails and blog are so beautifully real, thank you for sharing these humbling experiences. What wonderful reminders that presence and love are the only true ways to open up to connection with any sentient being 🙂

Zoe Hanley, Intuitive Ecologist, Co-founder Oneness Initiative

Thank you so much for the session. I did experience a difference within hours. While I was sitting on the couch later that day, Kitty came over and we enjoyed time together like we hadn’t in quite some time. It was wonderful!
Thank you so much for our conversation yesterday!  I thought it was fabulous……I appreciate the advice you gave me and am really happy you’ve condensed it into this email for future reference.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your pals, you all made my day!
Have to share an experience I had with 2 horses that never would have had if you wouldn’t have shown me: I went out to the Frontier Fort here in town, towards the end of the day. It was hot and muggy. I’m always drawn to the pony and stagecoach rides. While my boyfriend was visiting with the stagecoach driver i hung pout with the stagecoach horses. The girl had her face turned away and told me she was tired of being poked and petted. She was tired and hot and wanted to go home. Her brother reached out and nipped at her reminding her that it was part of her job and to quit being a baby. We were offered a free ride. After I got out of the stagecoach I thanked the horses and apologized for adding to their long day. The female jerked her head up and looked at me and let me rub under her bridle between her ears

Today I joined a Spiritual Group on Facebook, that Janet happens to be a guest on. I found the Tele-seminar files and being a pet lover myself, I immediately was drawn to Janet’s Animal Communication interview. It is about an hour long, so I press play and start listening. About 15 minutes in to the recording, I had to stop because one of my cats, Junior,  just wouldn’t stop meowing…I think he was looking for her! He was going back and forth between the window and my bed, doing that rubbing/marking thing cats do with their heads, trying to knock my phone out of my hand it was bizarre. I will have to listen later…with headphones!. But Janet… I think my cat is in love with you. He hasn’t gone away since he heard your voice. He NEVER hangs out with me. He is a “man’s cat” and usually he’d be in the living room, lounging on the couch with my boyfriend, watching football. But here he is hogging my bed, laying almost on my keyboard, making my leg fall asleep, I think waiting for you, Janet. I just wanted you to know how my animal has connected with you over a pre-recorded tele-seminar. Janet, I might have to send him to you by FedEx if this keeps up!

Jenna P & Junior

 I reached out to Janet because I needed to make a decision if I was going to adopt the cats I was fostering and I was worried how my dog and cats I owned would feel about this change.  Janet shared with me how my pets felt about my foster cats and how my foster cats felt about my pets and living in my home.  Janet also explained what role my fur babies play in my life.  The information Janet shared with me helped me make a decision and she gave me such peace of mind and clarity.  I gained a great deal of information after my first conversation with Janet and I know it is the beginning of many other calls in the future.   Janet has been such a blessing in my life.

Jill G

I’ve had two (so far) email readings done with Janet and both have been so helpful to me.  One of our dogs is in Spirit and with just one communication I was able to let go of all the doubts, etc. we all seem to have when making the tough decision to help our animals transition.  Our other dog has made requests for food and crystals and care that have been perfectly in line with what he has going on in his life.  Turns out we have a very metaphysical dog who also refers to himself as a “cool dude”.  I highly recommend Janet’s skills as an animal communicator and as a really nice person, too.  Your animals really are as adorable as you think and Janet has a way of bringing that out!

Michele M

Thanks for all your help and insights, Janet! You have made a big difference in our lives, and will continue to!

Kate S

I was driving home from work during our animal communication session, and as soon as I got home I noticed a difference in Spanky and Friar Tuck’s energy. They seemed like they really were present during our 45 minute call and felt heard, understood, and hopeful for our family’s future together. I think we are all a lot more relaxed, and on the same page as we move forward in moving into the new apartment and dealing with the transition that naturally comes with moving.

Spanky snuggled up to me and let me do Reiki on her for about an hour, which is rare since she isn’t into snuggling. I think she knows the Reiki is helping her and the food changes are also in her (and Friar’s) best interest. All three of us are thankful for your help sorting out stuff and creating a deeper bond between the three of us!! I look forward to our next conversation because it helps me trust my intuition as well!! Lots of Love and Light Janet!
Kelly B, Kentucky

Before working with Janet, my husband was ready to give our 8 year old orange tabby cat, Junior, away. He was eating random items from the floor and throwing up all over the house. We felt like we had a new child that was crawling around and had to keep everything picked up. He was also going to the bathroom in front of our guests bedroom door anytime we had someone visiting. We were at our wits end. Fortunately, I met Janet at an eWomenNetwork event and learned about her great talent of being able to assist us with understanding what Junior was feeling and guided me to being the best pet owner I could be. I have been working with Junior since my call with Janet, and he has not had one accident in the house since. It really removed a lot of unwanted stress from our household – thank you Janet!
Stacy S., St. Paul, MN

I have had Janet talk with my cat two different times, a year apart.  Each time I thought the answers were consistent with how my cat behaves.  Janet also mentioned that she didn’t recall the content of the first conversation when we were discussing the second one.  In each conversation, my cat said she didn’t want a companion cat which has been a concern of mine.  It has helped me have more patience with my cat in knowing why she does some of the things she does.  I have found these conversations helpful and believable.  I also enjoy Janet’s light touch and sense of humor in the conversations.
Ann M., Anoka, MN

During the question and answer period I felt affirmed in knowing that my own intuitive sense of my animal friends is right on.
L,  Minnetonka, MN

Thanks to Janet and her remarkable gift of communication, not only did the cat’s random peeing stop, but he and I reached a whole new level of understanding and – best of all – he is “buddies” with my baby daughter. Things have worked out better than I had even imagined they would! THANK YOU!
Patty S, Minnetonka, MN

I so enjoyed the last teleconference, plenty of food for thought. I don’t have a specific question but would love to listen in again.
JoEllen C., Conway, Massachusetts, MA

What do you get when you combine viral communication expert plus animal communicator? Answer: Janet Roper. I have been very impressed with her reputation before I even met with her. During our meeting she was creative (thinking outside of the box), personable (good listener) and truly an expert both in the field of social networking and animal communications. She has valuable advice for a person who needs advice with their beloved animals and their social networking sites. I look forward to collaborating with Janet as we both play to our strengths: me, visual communicator; Janet animal and viral communicator.
Wendy B., Minneapolis, MN

Janet is deeply intuitive and has amazing listening and “connecting” skills when it comes to people and animals. One of the most valuable things she taught me was that not only do we need to listen to animals, but we also need to tell them what’s going on in order to prevent things from going wrong. I truly believe that communicating in this way with my dog has really helped his anxiety.
Ali J., Minneapolis, MN

Janet has the philosophy and insights to truly connect people to their animals and help them relate to each other. Her finely tuned intuitive sense, her compassion and her background make her an sound choice for people looking for an alternative solution for transforming their relationships, or problems, with their pet.
Alice B., Minneapolis, MN

I very much enjoyed my time with the teleconference yesterday and am going to give your suggestions a try, I will let you know how things work out.
Belinda, Summer, WA

Our son had deeply grieved for a couple of years over the death of our dog, Montana. Janet offered to do a communication. She shared many insights including that Montana knew we had done all that we could to help him with his disease and to please tell his “little guy” that we was free and at peace now. “Little Guy” has always been our special name for our son so the message was very specific and personal to him. We were relieved that our son finally felt some consolation.
Teresa C., Minneapolis, MN

Janet Roper is a gifted animal communicator who helps bridge the worlds between animals and humans. She opens a deep spiritual communication and as a compassionate listener is able to encourage pets and other animals to communicate openly with her. Janet is also an accomplished talented writer with her inspirational stories published in popular anthologies.
Allen and Linda A., Minneapolis, MN

Janet and I have worked together over the years, promoting and supporting pet awareness- both from the emotional and spiritual side to the physical and tangible side. Janet’s passion and dedication to the well being of animals is inspiring and creates energy around her, encouraging others to follow her lead. She is an amazing woman!
Kimberly T., Minneapolis, MN

Janet possesses a lovely combination of strong intuition, solid knowledge about animal communication “book smarts”, (she really KNOWS from which she speaks), a great sense of humor, and a very warm, personable style. She can literally “hear” animals express their feelings and thoughts and is able to translate this into a form that we humans can understand. Janet is such a natural in her work, it really doesn’t seem like work at all, she has so much fun doing it! I have learned so many valuable things from Janet about my horses, which has definitely made my relationship with them stronger. And besides that, it is so much fun to have a reading with Janet and your animal friends!
Lori B., Minneapolis, MN

Janet’s love for animals and intuition around them has been very helpful for me personally dealing with my menagerie. She has worked with my pets during various health crises – theirs and mine, and made transitions with our pets easy and beneficial for all of us. I have and continue to recommend Janet to anyone who wants to learn more about their pets.
Terri J., Long Lake, MN

I worked with Janet when my dog Maverick was just two years old and we couldn’t understand some of his unusual behaviors. Janet was able to help us understand what was going on, realize that there was nothing wrong, and she provided a much-needed sense of relief. She has a unique ability to connect with pets and people – I highly recommend her!

Janet also helped us help Maverick handle his visits to the vet. Maverick is normally freaked out when it comes to having his toenails clipped at the vet – the last time he was there it took 4 people to hold him down while they did it. So this time, using Janet’s advice, the night before the appointment I held each of his paws, pointed to his toenails and explained to him what was going to happen and why it was important to have them clipped. I told him about how it hurts when his toenails accidentally scratch us, and how dangerous that is for my dad, who is on a blood thinner (and scratches of any kind are a big deal with him). I also told him how if his toenails get too long, he could break them and have more pain. I reassured him that it was not going to be a big deal, and that everyone involved loves him and wants the best for him. Yesterday he had his toenails clipped at the vet, and they were amazed at how much more calm he was during the procedure – it only took 2 of them to do it and they are thinking of removing the muzzle and going without it next time because he was so calm through the whole thing. Talking to him in this way and explaining what’s going on really helps – it was a much better experience for everyone involved yesterday as a result – especially Maverick!
Caroline M., Wayzata, MN

I needed Janet’s expertise for a new animal that was integrating into the home. Through her reading I was able to understand why one of my pets was upset and it changed how I interacted with her. It took me from frustration to understanding which brought about a much easier and calmer way to help myself and my pets get along.
Beth W., Minneapolis, MN

I want to thank you for communicating with my horses Sparky and Woody this February. Although I wasn’t having any specific problems, I was thrilled to receive more insight. Being an equine professional, I was relieved to find many of my feelings were correct. I was also surprised (not really) to hear new information. I have taken six months to reflect on our conversation. Thank you for sharing your gift of animal communication with me and my horses. I am confident that our conversation has improved my understanding of horses and improved their life also! Continue reading…
Stephanie S., Carbondale, IL

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