Pets And Dental Care: Fluffy Has Her Teeth Brushed Part III

tabby cat open mouth yawning teeth

The first two parts of this series on pet dental care covered the symptoms of dental disease and how to brush Fluffy’s teeth. The benefits of starting such a program when Fluffy is young last a lifetime, and can also help develop a bonding between the two of you. Such a program will also benefit Rover.

Even with the home dental program, an oral exam done by your vet may discover some potential problems such as a build up of tartar or plaque, gingivitis, periodontal disease or a broken or abscessed tooth.

Dental disease is progressive, meaning that it does not reach a point and stay there. The longer a treatment is postponed, the more involved the treatment can be, making it harder on Fluffy and your pocketbook. The final installment of this article will talk about what is done in a prophylaxis, a professional dental cleaning, and how to communicate with Fluffy about the procedure she will experience.


Janet Roper

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