Host Your Own “No Pet” Pet Party Now!

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Wonder why Fido seems to have lost interest in his food? Curious why Fifi is suddenly having accidents in the house? Or perhaps you just want to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your furry companions?

Get answers to your pet-related curiosities while having fun with friends by hosting a “No-Pet” Pet Party!

I am now offering my unique communication services in a party format!  Participants gather groups of people and host a “No-Pet” Pet Party at their home, barn or as a TeleParty. Using only a picture of your pet, I connect telepathically to animals that are living or deceased. Bridging the communication divide, I will tell you about your pet’s life from their point of view. My job is to pick up the information, translate it between species and help you and your animal pal create a win/win for all!

People have long put their pets up on a pedestal, showering them with toys and treats, but how much do we really know about our pets’ likes and dislikes? Are they happy with their food? Do they need to get outside more? Are they nervous about a new pet or baby coming into the house? I get answers from your animals and share those answers with you. Did you know that as much as you love talking with your animal pal, they want to talk with you?

Prepare to be awed as you and your friends get answers from your beloved pets in a fun and friendly format. Contact me and find out how you can host your own party!


Janet Roper

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