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Pet Grief and the Holidays – 2017


When any of my animal family members are ready to transition, I am with them on the final leg of the physical journey we share together. I simply can’t conceive not being with them at that pivotal time in our relationship. It’s never easy, but the most difficult time I had was when my horse Shiloh passed. In hindsight, I realize there were two paramount factors that contributed to my struggle: 1) I was in Montana and he was in Minnesota and, 2) he transitioned during the holiday season.

Throughout the years I have worked with people and their animals, I have discovered that the area where folks most often need support and are most reticent to ask is when they are grieving the loss of a beloved pet. In the hustle, bustle, traditional joy and excitement of the holidays, the topic of pet grief is considered depressing and therefore avoided.  After all, who wants to be talking about a downer subject amidst all the festivities? The person who is experiencing pet grief, that’s who. If you’ve ever grieved for one of your animal pals during the holidays, regardless of how recent or how far in the past, you know what I mean.

Join Me In The Online Workshop

On December 6 at 10:00 AM MOUNTAIN I encourage you to join me in an online workshop “Grieving Your Pet Over the Holidays”. Check your time zone here.

In the workshop you’ll learn:

  • Ways to help you authentically cope with your grief while reconciling the holiday spirit
  • How to cope with holiday traditions
  • Ways you can memorialize your pet

You will have a chance at the end of the workshop to ask questions and share your stories.

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Here’s a short video that tells more about the workshop:

The eBook and MP3 Package

pet-grief-ebook-coverIf you are unable to attend the workshop, or the one time workshop is not enough to help assuage your grief, 
you may be interested in the Grieving Your Pet Over the Holidays eBook and MP3 Package. It was created to support and help ease the burden of those trying to reconcile those two seemingly irreconcilable feelings: pet grief and the joy of the holidays.  Both the ebook and MP3 have suggestions and resources to help you cope with your pet grief this holiday season. The eBook also contains reflection questions assisting you in realizing where you are in your grief process.

My hope is the workshop and/or the eBook and MP3 Package will bring you some relief from grief and added peace this holiday season.

Here’s To New Beginnings,


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