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Pet Grief: Creating A Memorial For Your Pet

Creating A Memorial

One of the things that makes it difficult to grieve your pet during the holiday seasons is that you are looking for a ‘new normal’ in the midst of a season filled with traditions and conventions. Something that might help you find that new normal is to create a memorial for the pet you are grieving.

Creating a memorial helps to bring relief from grief because it externalizes your grief and creates a physical tribute to your animal buddy. This physical tribute can become a touchstone for the two of you, connecting you between the worlds.

The memorial is something that is simple and has a special meaning for you and your animal pal. It bears witness to what you’re now experiencing and the relationship you had/have. It can be public, private, a ritual or an action.

Watch this video for more ideas about creating your memorial.

Don’t know where to begin? If you would like to start creating a memorial, but are at a loss of how to begin, I can help. Contact me and we’ll start by checking with your Angel Animal to see what they would like as a memorial, and then talk over the way you can bring that to life.

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