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MARCH Workshop – Where Grief Meets Love

horse woman where grief meets love

Those of us who love animals and have chosen to have them as family members have most probably experienced their passing at some point, or we will be in the future. This brings up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings for us – feelings we want to avoid, decisions we can feel inadequate and unprepared to make. Pet grief can be difficult to handle, simply because we want our beloved animal pals to be with us forever and ever. And as we are aware at some level, that is not possible.

So how do we cope with the grief when we are left behind?

Join me in this workshop “Where Grief and Love Meet” where I share the story of my beloved horse Shiloh’s passing and the tools I used to help me integrate both grief and love during that shocking time.

The workshop is offered on the following dates. Click the date to register.

What you’ll hear:

  • Shiloh’s story
  • What grief is
  • How the norms of our society and culture block authentic grief
  • Tools you can use to help you integrate both your grief and love
  • When you can’t handle your grief yourself and it’s time to reach out for a professional

This workshop touches on a highly sensitive, personal and complicated topic. It is not meant to be a counseling session and should not be taken as such. There is no easy ‘fix’ or ‘cure’, but there are ways you can care for yourself as you are experiencing grief. There will be time during the workshop to share your story, if you so desire. The intent of this workshop is to offer a safe place where you receive ideas on how to cope with your grief and how to kindly support yourself during your grief.