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Lagniappe: A Little Bit of This and That


My first job out of college was teaching music in Cut Off, Louisiana. That’s right, the name of the town where I lived was Cut Off. It was named after a shortcut canal was built to connect Bayou Lafourche with New Orleans. It took me months to learn to drive across that little bridge you see in the picture without feeling the desperate want to close my eyes and hope for the best.

I have good memories from that time, for instance the time I bent over to pick up a shell and it walked away. There was also the time when my music friends and I decided to get a band together. We were practicing in my front yard, which just happened to be across the road from The Pink Panther Bar. The next thing we realized, the people from the bar had come over and were dancing by the side of the road!

For me, living there was like living in a different country, not just a different part of the country. Even the language was different.  There I learned regional words, some of  which I still use today. One of those words is ‘lagniappe’, meaning a little extra, or a little more. That’s what this post is today, a little bit more, on a little bit of everything.

What kind of animal person are you? Dog? Cat? Fish? Gecko? Visit Janet Roper Animal Communicator & Educator on Facebook and take the poll. It’s the pinned post, you can’t miss it. Won’t it be fun to see the answers? (I wonder if there are any Earthworm people…….or Tiger people……). The Facebook page is another place to connect with like minded folks and find out about animals and our relationship with them. The majority of what’s on the page doesn’t make it to the newsletter, so give the page a ‘like’ while you’re there and pop in to connect there!

Can’t Pay for Your Animal Pal’s Care? These 12 Programs Can Help Having pets and staying within a budget doesn’t always work. Sometimes life happens, for instance a job loss, needing to move or an unexpected emergency. Luckily, there ARE places where you can turn for help. Here is a list of 12 such organizations that can help you and your pet, putting your mind at ease during tough times. If you can’t pay for your animal pal’s care, reach out, contact one of these organizations.

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Are you a bird watcher? Or a wannabe bird watcher? If that’s the case, and if you live in the Northeast part of the United States, here’s a poster to download created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology listing some birds you might see this spring.

I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of lagniappe!
Here’s To New Beginnings,



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