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Kids, Bunnies and Easter

rabbit bunny close up animal

Easter will soon be here, traditionally a time to connect small kids with bunnies. It sounds like a winning combination, and they look cute together, but have you ever considered the rabbit’s point of view?

Rabbits and small children aren’t a good match. Most children are exuberant and like to be on the go, whereas rabbits are sensitive, intelligent animals who are easily frightened. After all, their ancestors survived by being alert and startled by strange sounds, movements or creatures.

Rabbits are soft and look as cuddly as stuffed bunnies yet they are fragile and must be handled gently. Because their bones are so delicate and their muscles so strong, struggling rabbits can break their own bones. Also, as prey animals, it is against their nature to be held and confined.

Rabbits are not toys but sensitive and intricate creatures – physiologically, mentally and socially. In general, a rabbit’s complexity makes them inappropriate pets for children. If your child is asking for an Easter bunny for Easter, buy her a toy rabbit that she can carry and snuggle with to her heart’s content.


Janet Roper

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