Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

dog drinking at outdoor faucet

Dog days of summer are here, and they are not fit for any creature, at least IMO. We are taking it easy, here in Belle Plaine, MN. My dog Max only wants to go outside occasionally, and only for short periods of time. Even when we visit the city park which is well shaded by many old, well-established trees, Max is ready to come back to the cool comfort of his home after only a very short romp.

It’s essential we keep our animal pals’ well being in the forefront of our mind to keep them safe and comfortable during this hot spell. Our friends over at The Uncommon Dog have shared this infographic with information on what to watch for if your dog is overheating and how you can have one cool dog in the heat. If you know of anyone who will benefit from this information, please share with them. I also invite you to visit The Uncommon Dog, explore their site and see if there’s anything you or your dog need!

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Janet Roper


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