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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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Imagine Nation Brewing Co. Animal Communication Workshop

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What if you could hear what your pet was trying to tell you?

You can! Join Missoula, Montana based animal communicator and educator Janet Roper in this illuminating, educational and fun workshop as she shares with you what she has learned in her 20+ years of talking to and listening to animals. The workshop is held live at Imagine Nation Brewing Co. on Sunday, April 23rd from 1:30 – 3:30 PM.

The workshop is a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A and participant chat. By the end of the workshop you will have concrete tips for how to actively communicate with your pets, techniques on how to overcome any blocks you may experience while intuitively communicating with your pets and ways to build your confidence as you practice.

The workshop is for humans, pets stay in the comfort of their home. Once you have registered you will receive a copy of the receipt, please bring that as well as a picture of your pet to the workshop.

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