Free Monthly Exploring Shamanism Conference Call

What is shamanism and does it have a place in our modern world? If it does have a place, what is it and how can it be of help to you?

Join me on this call as I share the story of how I *reluctantly* became a modern shaman and how I incorporate it into my daily life and business. We’ll be talking about animism and how it relates to shamanism, as well as what shamanism is and what it is not. We’ll also talk about how being a modern shaman does not mean the exploitation of indigenous cultures, but keeping a shamanic practice and lifestyle on the local, physical ground on which we stand.

The call takes place in “real time” (live) with myself and other participants. It is a highly interactive experience, a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A, participant chat, and making connections with like-minded folks throughout the call. All registrants will receive a download of the call and any handouts.

Once you are registered, you’ll receive the call-in info. This call usually takes place the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM MOUNTAIN. Check your time zone here.

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