How Do You Find a Reputable, Genuine Animal Communicator?

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After weeks of debating with yourself, you have finally decided to talk to an animal communicator to see if he or she can shed any light on why Fido is chewing your Gucci shoes and leaving the bargain budget flip flops alone.  You have never worked with an animal communicator before, plus you are a little leery of the intuitive process.

How do you find a reputable, genuine animal communicator?

Animal communicators are more common than you may initially think.  Some of the places they can be found are the web; by word of mouth; at Body, Mind and Spirit conferences; at esoteric shops and bookstores; Renaissance Festivals; and holistic vet offices.

Characteristics of a Reputable Animal Communicator

As with other careers, different levels of training and capabilities are exhibited by individual communicators.  You will find communicators who specialize in certain areas, such as medical intuitives, those working with lost pets, and those who assist with death and dying matters.  There are also communicators who specialize with certain species.

Regardless of any specialty, reputable communicators and intuives share certain qualities:

  • Works well with both animals and humans.
  • Has a nature with which you feel comfortable and unperturbed.
  • Does not pretend to have all the answers for you.
  • Willingly refers you to another resource, if necessary.
  • Holds all information received from you and your pet(s) in confidence.
  • Exhibits high integrity.
  • Works to achieve the highest standards in their own language and actions.
  • Willing to share testimonials and referrals with you.

As you are talking to a potential communicator, you may experience a comfort level with that communicator, an “aha” moment.  Or you may experience a feeling this is not the person for you and your pet.  Pay attention to those feelings–they help and guide you.

As you work with the animal communicator and pay attention to your own feelings, you will begin to notice a change in Fido’s behavior and a strengthening of your relationship.  Soon the Gucci shoes will be yours alone!

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