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Favorite Blog Posts 2017

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One of my favorite end of the year traditions is to take a nostalgic walk through the blog, looking back on which posts, you, the readers, enjoyed the most. Here is the lineup of your favorite posts from 2017, listed in order. Click the links below (not the pictures) to read the posts.

  1. Living Well, Dying Well: Remembering Billy  The story of my cat Billy and our last days together
  2. Do You Have Ants in the House? Communicating with ants and a vinegar spray recipe to remove them
  3. A Taped Communication: Conversations With Cats  This video is an actual, unscripted animal communication with a client Cindy, and her three cats Chica, Shiloh and Sammy.
  4. 5 Natural Ways to Start Communicating With Your Pets  Here are 5 tips to get you started communicating with the animals in your life right now.
  5. Loving Animals Enough To Let Them Pass Through our Lives  What happens when we are simply a way station on the animal’s journey and “’til death do us part” is simply not a part of the equation?
  6. The Return of the Listeners: A Story   This is a story about how we humans lost our ability to communicate with animals, and how it is now returning.

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