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Dog Park Tails

dogs dog park

Hey Ho, Teddy here. It’s been awhile since I got to tell ya about our dog park, so Mom said I could write today.

So Mom, she took me and my sister Emmie to the park today.  And you know what dog pals?  We were the only ones there!  Can you believe that? We were the only ones there on a fine fall Saturday morning!  Well, there was one dog pal leaving as we were coming in.  He was a little dude, so tiny he could walk under my belly!  Why, my cats are bigger that that dog!

Now, since we had the whole place to ourselves, well, we just enjoyed ourselves!  We hadn’t been there for a couple of days, so there was a lot of p-mail to get caught up on.  Here’s how me and Emmie work it out – I read the p-mail by the path and Emmie goes in the words to read the p-mail.  I think my job is harder than Emmie’s.  Ya wanna know why?  Because most dog pals stay on the path with their people.  Few dog pals go in the woods.  So I told Emmie I read 75 p-mails to 1 of hers.  She says that’s not true – lots of dog pals go in the woods and leave p-mail.  Mom told us to quit arguing, but go enjoy the park.  We did.  But you know I’m right, dog pals.

We had a gooood time!  I ran and ran and ran.  I was running so fast that I scooted down a hill!  That was fun – I wish there had been other dog pals there to see me.

Emmie squirreled a tree – I mean treed a squirrel.  HA!  You could hear her barking all over the park!  She was so proud of herself, and dog pals, let me tell you, she tried to climb that tree to get to that squirrel. All that squirrel did was chatter and fuss at her.  I don’t think that squirrel was very smart, cuz she almost reached him a couple of times.  Now dog pals, don’t you think any self respecting squirrel would at least move a couple of branches higher, out of her way?  Maybe that squirrel knew what he was doing, though, and was just teasing her.  I watched and cheered Emmie on, I barked really good and loud.  Too bad nobody but Mom heard me and Emmie.

Then Mom started calling to me and Emmie to come.  Of course we didn’t!  I don’t think Emmie heard, she was so intent on that squirrel, but I did.  Don’t tell Mom, but I didn’t pay any attention.  I was having too much fun.  Then Mom said something about we needed to come cuz she wasn’t going to walk through the woods with sandals to get us.  But we kept barking.  And then, dog pals, let me tell you, Mom used that voice where me and Emmie know she means business.  I guess the squirrel knew Mom meant business too, because he started jumping form tree to tree, going towards Mom and Emmie chased him and I chased Emmie.

When we got to the path, Mom said she could watch  the whole thing, and it was pretty funny.  HA!  Me and Emmie and that squirrel, we made Mom laugh!

But dog pals, I gotta tell ya, I was really tired when I got home.  So tired I went into my kennel to take a nap.  And later, when Mom let us go in our backyard, I was so tired I almost couldn’t make it back up the steps.  Mom almost had to carry me back up the steps.

So dog pals, that was our day at the park.  I’m going to go back to my kennel and rest.  Over & out.



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