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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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Divination Card Reading

Have you arrived at a crossroads in your life where you are looking to build right relationship with yourself and other sentient beings, deepen your own soul connection, or develop and fulfill your own spiritual goals? There’s a lot packed into that, isn’t there?

We all have the ability within us to discover these answers. In fact, every person has their own inner voice that acts like a GPS system to navigate their unique truth hidden inside. However, we can get lost in our everyday world and so involved in the expectations put on us by outside forces like society, culture, friends, and family that we lose our connection with that still, small inner voice of wisdom and truth.

This is where a divination card reading can help. While the spread does not make a decision for you, the information received in a session shows influences surrounding your question and acts as a guide, helping you make the decision yourself.

Each session begins with an intention you bring with you. The more precise your intention, the more precise the information you will receive in the reading. If you’re not sure how to set your intention, you will find information about that here.

Part of the process of your divination reading is for you to choose the deck that speaks to you. You can see the decks that I read from and make your selection here. 

A divination session involves drawing 1-3 cards to obtain insight into your specific intention. The session takes place either by phone or on Zoom. Afterwards, you will receive a PDF containing the cards drawn, their interpretation, and recommendations based on the reading. If the session was conducted on Zoom, you’ll receive a recording of it.

The first step in getting started with this service is a free 15 minute Intake Call. The purpose of this call is for us to get acquainted, talk about what you’re looking for and determine the best next step for you. After this call, I will provide you with instructions for completing your next step. Click the button below.

Some states require the following statement: You must be 18 years or older to use this service and all insights are for entertainment purposes only.

Disclaimer: These sessions and the information received during sessions does not provide or replace medical diagnosis, treatment. I am neither a medical practitioner nor a medical intuitive and I do not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe medical conditions. Contact your medical care-giver for all health concerns.