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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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Working With An Animal Ally

Have you ever

  • Felt yourself drawn to a particular animal physically or symbolically 
  • Found yourself dreaming of certain animals
  • Found a certain animal keeps seizing your attention
  • Felt yourself chosen by a particular animal

These experiences aren’t just random or coincidental. They are the gentle signs that there is an animal ally calling to you, and it’s time for you to meet.

Contrary to what most people are led to believe, we do not choose an animal ally—they choose us. We do not sit down and simply decide we want to work with a certain animal because they are big, powerful and sexy. That’s called BINABM (Big, Impressive, North American Birds and Mammals), and it’s a trap.

The real thing isn’t about picking or deciding

but about listening and receiving

Animal allies give us nudges when they are considering partnering with us. If you’ve been feeling nudged by certain animals, whether physically or symbolically, and are having difficulties discerning which animal is calling to you, you will find an animal ally introduction facilitated by Janet helpful.

The animal ally introduction involves Janet doing a shamanic journey for you to meet the animal ally. After the journey, you meet with Janet and she will introduce you to the animal that came forward for you. Janet will help you understand the ally’s qualities, how to build relationship with the ally, and any messages s/he might have for you.

The session takes place either by phone or on Zoom. Afterwards, you will receive a PDF with information and instructions on how to continue to build your relationship with your animal ally. If the session was conducted on Zoom, you’ll receive a recording of it.

The first step in getting started with this service is a free 15 minute Intake Call, which gives the opportunity to get better acquainted. Click the button below to schedule.