Developing Confidence In Your Intuition

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Developing confidence in your intuitive abilities requires you to trust in your ability to receive. We’re all intuitive. But, If you don’t believe that you can receive anything of value then you may not ever clearly hear, see or feel your messages. It’s like tuning an old radio and only expecting to find static. if you give up, you’ll never find the station you are looking for. But, when you keep trying you’ll eventually find a station you can listen to.

We’re a bit like those old radios. We need to tune into ourselves. We need to feel that we can indeed tune in. But, how do we do that? Tuning into your intuition involves checking in with your body. Begin to notice how it feels when you try to connect with your intuition. The best indicator is how solid you feel in your own body.

When you’re working with your intuition, notice how solid and stable you feel? You might notice that your body feels 100% solid and stable, or you might feel uncertain, wavery, fluctuating or simply not solid. If you don’t feel truly stable that can be an indicator that you’re not fully connecting to your intuition.

It’s also best to ask a question that’s not vague or uncertain. For instance, you could ask, “Will I meet Mr/Ms Right?” But, a more concrete question might involve asking, “How can I prepare to meet Mr/Ms Right?” Notice the difference in the two questions. Try asking both questions and being aware of how your body feels as you ask them. The first question probably is one made from doubt, and makes your body feel restricted and limited, while the second question allows your body to feel lighter, optimistic and more open. Asking the second question allows you to feel involved and ready for taking active steps.

Once you ask your question, you can then keep it in your mind and be aware of the way in which your body responds to signs and symbols which you encounter as you go about your day. For instance, you might have asked the 2nd question and then had a dream about the post office a few days later. As a standard practice you could ask if the dream relates to your question and pay attention to the way in which your body reacts. Do you feel open, receptive and positive? Or, do you feel confused or hazy? If you feel open then your dream could have valuable guidance on your preparations for a relationship. Since it involves the post office, you could even try going there to see who you encounter or notice any signs and symbols that are there.

You could decide to go there, but as you’re driving you could see a giant billboard that says, “Stop here, next exit.” Again, connect with your body, and notice how it feels about this course of action. What happens next is up to you. You could ask yourself which way to turn, or allow yourself to get lost and find a message where you end up.

Ultimately, you can succeed in connecting with your intuition by listening to your body. Does a choice feel good? Then make that choice and see where it leads. Have fun with this process and use it to explore a question you’ve been thinking about. Spend some time this weekend following your guidance. Let us know how it works for you, and let yourself be curious!

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