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Connecting And Aligning With Animal Spirit Allies

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What is it like to have an animal totem or animal spirit guide or ally working with you? Are you in relationship with one now? Have you worked with them in the past?

Our world is surrounded by spirit animals, guides and teachers who can be willing to be in partnership with us. The thing is, since the majority of us – and I mean the BIG majority – do not have that history of working with spirit animal allies in our heritage, genealogical line or cosmology, we do not know where to start. So off we go, to Google, to learn what we can about working with the spirit animals.

Meditation and prayer, as well as places like Google, books, tarot and oracle decks, are all valuable places to start, but they are just that, starting places, the tip of the iceberg. They are by no means the ending place when it comes to working with your animal spirit allies.

Working with a spirit animal is not coming form a place of ‘you’re mine, I choose you’, but seeing who you are compatible to work with and to create mutual relationship. Discovering and building your relationship with a spirit animal can be viewed like dating, and I’m not being flip! A relationship with a spirit animal means meeting, deciding if it’s beneficial for both, building, exploring, establishing, reviewing, conversing and tweaking.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.


Are you ready to take the step, find out more about working with and building a relationship with spirit animals and what that means specifically to you?

If so, I invite you to attend my workshop on Thursday, February 15 at 7:00 PM MOUNTAIN, entitled “Animal Spirit Guides: Connecting and Aligning With the Anial Spirit Guides that Surround Us“. I’ll be talking about how to become aware of the spiritual animal allies around us, how to meet them, begin to build relationship with them and how our lives can be changed by that relationship. Once you have registered, you will receive the information to access the workshop.

The workshop covers:

  • What spirit animal allies are
  • Ways spirit animal allies may help us
  • Why “meet and greet” sessions are so important

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You will leave the class with a clear awareness of how to move forward in meeting your spirit animal allies and build a mutual relationship with them.

Learning about your animal guide(s), who she or he is and how you can best work together empowers both of you to build right relationship and create a win/win situation for all involved.

Are you ready to take the step?

Here’s To New Beginnings,


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