Janet Roper Animal Communicator & Educator

Janet supports, strengthens and nurtures the bond between animals and humans, helping to build right relationship and creating a win/win for all

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Hosted Classes

Woman and beagleMy Host Program is a way to make it easy for people to learn animal communication in the company of friends and in the comfort of their home.

The heart of the program is the host. The host and I work together in scheduling class dates, and then the host gathers up to four people who are interested in learning animal communication. As a thank you for hosting, the host receives 3 gifts; Click here for a downloadable PDF of what’s involved as a host.

Think of this as an old-fashioned Tupperware party, but with animal communication.

Contact Me and we’ll set up all the details to get your class started!

Monthly Classes

Do You Wish You Could….

Know what your animals are thinking and feeling?
Find out what your pet wants you to know?
Have a transformed relationship with all animals?
Learn new ways to connect with animals?

If so, the 4-week Online Animal Communication class is just for you!

The Myth Is….

  • You need to be ‘psychic’ to communicate with animals
  • You need to have a ‘special gift’ to talk to the animals
  • Only the ‘gifted’ few can become animal communicators

The TRUTH Is….

We ALL have the ability connect with the animals!

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