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Choosing A Deck For Your Divinatory Reading

Which deck speaks to you? (Click on the deck for a bigger picture.)

Part of the process of your Divination Card Reading is to select the deck you want to use. There are thousands of Tarot decks that are available, and each one has a purpose and speaks to different folks. Currently I am using these four decks for the divinatory readings, ones I have studied throughout the years and with whom I have built a cherished working relationship.

You’ll notice that I haven’t given the names of the decks. There is a reason for that, which is when you select the deck you would like used, you will be using your own intuition and starting to build your own relationship with that deck. The deck will then speak to you more intimately, deliberately and consciously, thereby making the reading more personal and relevant to you and your intent.

During your reading we will take time to talk about ‘your’ deck and the significance it has for you.


  • Take your time to examine each of these decks, pore over the cards in the pictures
  • Observe what you’re feeling as you pore over the decks
  • Look for a personal connection – is there one that calls to you, or that you are intrigued by the pictures?
  • Consider the pictures and colors – what is your first impression? Do you find the pictures appealing?
  • Is there a deck that keeps getting your attention?
  • Look for a deck that matches your personality

Good luck! I look forward to reading ‘your’ deck for you.