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When Does The Worry Stop?

Tricolor Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Looking Out a Window

I ‘fess up – I’m a dog-mom of the worrying kind. Thinking of Max is never too far from my busy mind, and usually he’s right in the center of my mind. Especially since he’s getting older (aren’t we all) and when we moved across country we left our beloved Belle Plaine Animal Hospital behind. […]

The Gotcha Tree

tree bare black and white gnarled winter

One thing I’ve observed about life as an animal communicator: it’s not all about animal communication. I am learning that once you are open to communicating with the animals, other sentient beings want to get in on the band wagon and start communicating. After all, they’ve found someone with a listening ear, so why not? So, […]

Remembering Harambe on Memorial Day

silver back gorilla Harambe

Remembering Harambe this Memorial Day. Please stand with me in support of Harambe, remembering his life, asking his life was not in vain. While I know that many express grief through debate, analysis, criticism, critique, judgment and/or petitions, etc, this post is specifically for sending Harambe support, well wishes and gratitude for his life. Don’t we […]

Are Our Pets Our Children?

dog westie white pink baby carriage

Pets have become an intrinsic part of our family structure. As Nathan Winograd says, in the past decades they have moved from the barnyard, to the backyard, to our bedrooms. Yet it seems as if the pets are taking on a new role in society: becoming our children. We are pet moms and dads, they are our kids, our […]