Can You Be Happy Where Your Paws Are Planted?

black paw prints on red background

I used to have a life plan.

It consisted of making a certain amount of money by the time I turned 30 years old, getting married a couple of years later and having two kids while remaining a career woman.

My plan didn’t come together and I’m glad it didn’t.

More Than a Feeling

A few nights ago, I was finishing up some work at my desk when I was overcome with a wonderful feeling.

As I typed the last sentence of a blog post, it dawned on me that finally I am at a truly happy place in my life.

My mind wasn’t preoccupied by the fact I haven’t yet reached my latest financial goal for my business or that all the dates I have been on in the past couple of months have felt like I was on a hidden camera game show.

All that was in my head and heart was reassurance letting me know that I am at the right place.

That night I slept sounder than I have in a long time.

Paw Prints Show the Way

A little over a year ago, I adopted my dog Toby from a shelter. There is no sugar coating the fact that it took several months out of the past year until Toby was completely settled.

However, even as he battled stomach parasites, getting used to our other family dogs Bella and DiDi, and missing his original family, he constantly wore a smile on his face.

Toby found joy even though he wasn’t at his ideal happy spot.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago, on a gorgeous fall morning as I watch him leap through the woods at a local park chasing chipmunks and playing with other dogs. If his smile got any bigger it would swallow the rest of his furry face.

Just because Toby is finally settled and living a glorious life, doesn’t mean he wasn’t happy in those tough months of adjustment.

The Happiness Myth vs Reality

For the longest time, I thought that pure happiness would come once I got to a certain stage in my life or made it through a tough time.

That late night work session reminded me that one doesn’t have to wait for joy because it is already here. We just have to realize it.

Admittedly, I am not done excavating for happiness. It would be nice to have a special someone and make my business be all I dreamed it could be.

At least I know that my paws are planted in a happy place while the digging continues.

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